Bollard Lights

by Jake

Outdoor lights are an important part of any home or business for functionality, safety and appearance. Choosing the right lights can help you maximize any or all of these things; to accomplish this bollard lights are one versatile style of light you might want to consider. While they are more traditionally used by businesses, there are a variety of new stylish models that also work quite well for residential use.

What Is a Bollard Light?

Bollard Lighting

Bollard Lighting

A bollard light is an architectural type of outdoor lighting that is enclosed in a short vertical post that is mounted into the ground; simply put they are a type of outdoor post light. The term bollard was originally used to describe the type of post sailors used to tie their ships to the dock or pier. You can see this in the design of many bollard light fixtures today as they have a bit of a nautical post look to them. This variety of outdoor post lights ranges from around one to three feet in height.

Bollards are often used to section off an area, for instance to keep vehicles of a certain size from entering an area, or to add protection, for instance to add a layer of protection between a road and a walkway. Lighted bollards have the added functionally of illuminating the area at night. Sometimes removable bollard lights are used so they can be moved if necessary to let vehicles through during certain events. Bollard lights are also used in specific ways to provide definition, separation or protection. They can create an attractive border. Bollard lighting is often used along walkways or you may see bollard landscape lights providing definition to the edge of a landscaped area.

Since bollard lighting was meant to be used outdoors they are built to withstand the elements. They are typically made from cast aluminum, fiber glass or brass if they are decorative bollard lights. The lamp, or light, itself is safely enclosed and protected from the elements within the outdoor post lighting structure.

Types Available

Commercial Bollard Lights

Commercial bollard lights are very popular type of commercial lighting used around businesses or offices, even apartment buildings. They are often used as path lights making it easier for people to see where they are walking when it is dark, but also to add a level of security. They can be used near entrances, especially when there is landscaping near an entrance.

Residential Bollard Lights

Residential bollard lights are used for similar reasons. They are commonly used to light pathways to improve visibility and provide safety, but they are also used help define areas of the yard, like the patio, or to help accent certain features or areas. It is becoming more common to see bollard garden lighting or bollard landscape lighting in a terraced landscape design. Because we are seeing more decorative outdoor lighting you can now find outdoor light bollards in a variety of finishes like bronze or copper as well as the traditional black.

Bollard Light

Bollard Light

Residential bollard lighting is often more decorative than commercial bollard lighting. As homeowners put more emphasis on outdoor lighting as a part of their outdoor home décor we are seeing new styles of bollard lights like the Kitchler Zen Garden Bollard Light.

Both residential and commercial bollard lights come in a few varieties. There are solar bollard lights, bollard LED lights or even compact bollard lights. When it comes to bollard lights solar is a great choice if you are looking for an easier installation because the solar versions don’t need to be wired for electricity; they simply use the energy they store from sun during the day to provide light during the night. LED bollard lights offer a long life using less energy. They are also great for thin or small bollard light designs.

Uses for Bollard Lighting

As mentioned bollard lighting is often used to illuminate walkways or to enhance landscaped areas. But it can also be used as security lighting. A row of these bright fixtures can help illuminate an area of a home or business enough to ward off some intruders.

These durable post lights can also be used to light specific areas. They can be used to illuminate signs or architectural designs, they can even be custom designed to emit light in the shape of a logo or trademark of a specific company. Or they can be used as step lights providing increased visibility to dark outdoor stairs.

Bollard lights have a variety of uses whether you are looking for decorative or functional outdoor lighting.

Solar Bollard Lights

Outdoor solar lights offer a few benefits over other types of outdoor lighting. Because solar lights don’t need to be wired they are easier and less expensive to install; they also don’t cost anything to operate once they are installed. Instead they use energy from the sun that they collect and store during the day.

This also makes solar bollard lights easier to install and they can be installed almost anywhere, because they don’t need to be near a power supply. Even if there is a power outage they will still work so you don’t have to worry about a dark yard or office if you have solar bollard fixtures.

Solar bollard lights will automatically […]

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Commercial Bollard Lights

If you need outdoor lights for a business or commercial development consider using commercial bollard lights. Mixing them with other types of commercial lighting can help you satisfy all of your needs while achieving the right look. Bollard lights offer both an attractive and functional light that can improve security, visibility and improve the aesthetic appeal of a business’s exterior.

There are a few different ways they can be used for great results. Most commonly bollards are used to illuminate walkways and parking lots in commercial areas but they can also be used to light entryways or as landscape lighting. […]

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Bollard Landscape Lighting

When you think of bollard lights you may first think of commercial bollard lights as they are most often used to illuminate pathways and landscaped spaces in public areas like businesses or parks. But bollard lighting, especially some of the new styles available, can also be used quite attractively in residential areas as well.

If you have a long driveway or a larger property with walkways they may be a good choice. Traditionally bollard lighting is used to separate pedestrian and non-pedestrian areas so they work well as path lights or along a long driveway.

If you don’t have a large property or you simply want smaller lights you can find some very attractive small bollard […]

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Choosing The Best Outdoor Lighting

All of the different types of lights have advantages and disadvantages. It is good to weigh both the good and the bad as you are looking for the right fixtures for your project. LED lights are energy efficient and durable, but they are usually more expensive up front. Solar lights are essentially free to use and they will even work when the power is out, but they need regular access to light.

When you are shopping for outdoor lighting there are a number of things to consider. The best lighting will vary depending on your reason for buying these fixtures, the area that needs to be lit and your budget. Consider why you want or need the lights. Sometimes the drawbacks of a certain style won’t be an issue for your use, but it is better to make that call yourself before you buy and install them. Here are a few other things to consider. […]

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