Removable Bollard Lights

Bollard-style lights are a great outdoor lighting option, especially in public or commercial areas. But in some cases you may want removable bollard lights instead of fixed post lights. There are times when you may want the option to remove the light posts for the change of seasons or to provide flexibility for different community events.

Benefits of Removable Bollard Lighting

Bollards and bollard lights are often meant to provide a barrier or degree of separation between pedestrian areas and those allowing vehicle traffic. In most cases they are used as a permanent barrier, but in some cases you may want the option to remove them to allow for maintenance workers, emergency vehicles or even to set up for special events.

Removable bollards would work for these situations removable bollard lights offer the additional benefit of light during the night time hours. This is great for public areas like parks as light bollards provide added security and visibility for those using the area after dusk. Outdoor lighting like this can also help deter potential vandals.

Using bollard lights can also make the area more attractive at night. Whether using a decorative bollard light or durable, commercial bollard lights these outdoor post lights can provide an effective barrier along with added security and even an ambient glow at night.

Shopping for Removable Bollard Lights

Removable Bollard Lights

Removable Bollard Lights

Unfortunately removable bollard lights aren’t as easy to find as regular light bollards or even solar bollard lights, but look around as there are some very innovative styles of removable bollard lighting available. You can even find removable solar bollard lights offering all the extra features wrapped up in one bollard lighting style.

There are specific features you may want to look for when it comes to removable lighting for your yard. Even though the bollard post light is removable you want to make sure it is durable and securely locks into place when mounted. You want a lock that requires a key so the post lights can’t be removed by just anyone. You may also want a cover plate that fits flush so when the bollard light is removed the mounted portion is protected and the ground will remain smooth.

If you are choosing removable solar bollard lights make sure they will be in an area that gets direct sun for a portion of the day. You may also want to look for solar post lights that have better technology, meaning they are able to calibrate the light output based on the amount of energy stored so they can provide continual illumination throughout the night.

You may want to decide whether it would be better to have decorative outdoor lighting or if you simply need something functional to increase visibility. As bollard lights and other outdoor lighting become more common place there are more and more styles becoming available.

Removable bollard lights are a great option for specific situations, just be sure to shop around to find all the features you need. You may be surprised to discover how advanced some of these bollard lights have become.