Solar Bollard Lights

Outdoor solar lights, including solar bollard lights, are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to understand why. Solar lights offer a number of benefits compared to other types of outdoor lighting, and bollard lights offer a distinct style and function; together solar bollard lights are able provide a great option for many outdoor lighting needs.

Bollard lights are a common type of post lights. The word bollard refers to the post shape in which the light is enclosed. Bollards are post structures that are often used to section off one area from another, or to provide a layer of protection. Bollard lights are also commonly used to outline or define a specific area; they can also be used for protection or security.

Benefits of Solar Bollard Lights

Outdoor solar lights offer a few benefits over other types of outdoor lighting. Because solar lights don’t need to be wired they are easier and less expensive to install; they also don’t cost anything to operate once they are installed. Instead they use energy from the sun that they collect and store during the day.

Solar Bollard Light

Solar Bollard Light

This also makes solar bollard lights easier to install and they can be installed almost anywhere, because they don’t need to be near a power supply. Even if there is a power outage these lights will still work so you don’t have to worry about a dark yard or office if you have solar bollard lighting.

Bollard solar lights automatically turn on when it gets dark outside, so you don’t have to remember to turn them on each night. They have a sensor that lets them know when it is time to turn on and when it is time to turn off. They go on at dusk and off at dawn.

Consider This Before Installing Solar Post Lights

While there are a lot of advantages of using solar post lights, there are also a few things you should consider before you commit to solar light bollards for your bollard landscape lighting needs.

Solar bollard lights typically use LED lights which can be quite bright even though they use less energy, they will also last for several years, unlike an incandescent bulb. But even though they use less energy, if the solar panels on the solar post lamp don’t have access to enough sun because of trees or something else blocking the sun, too many cloudy days or the shorter days we experience during the winter months these LED bollard lights may not remain on as long as you need.

Most solar lights are able to last through the night, but this can vary depending on geographic location, where they are installed and weather conditions. If you are looking for commercial bollard lights solar bollards may not be the best option, unless you have another lighting source, especially if you are depending on them to function as security lights.

There are some solar bollard lights however that integrate more advanced technology allowing them to regulate their energy usage in a way that will provide light throughout the whole night. These solar lights adjust the light output based on the amount of energy stored for continuous light output.

Keep in mind if you have another strong light too close to a solar-powered light it can affect the operation of that light.

Finding The Right Solar Bollard Lights

If you really want solar bollard lights but are concerned about the negatives shop around; there are some well-designed lights available that have addressed these issues. You can even find solar removable bollard lights if you like the option of removing them during certain times of the year. And if you like the idea of using sustainable energy you will be happy to know there are solar bollard lights that are almost entirely recyclable making them an easy green choice. Annapolis offers a version called a Smart bollard light.

There are some things to consider before installing solar bollard lights, but overall they provide a number of advantages over other outdoor lighting options.