Commercial Bollard Lights

Commercial bollard lights can provide an effective form of outdoor lighting for many business or commercial developments. While they may need to be mixed with other types of commercial lighting for optimum commercial lighting needs, bollard lights offer an attractive way to provide light for security, greater visibility and aesthetic appeal.

Commercial Bollard Light Uses

Commercial bollard lights can be used in a few different ways. Why or how you use bollard lighting will depend on your specific needs. Most commonly light bollards, sometimes called post lights, are used to light pathways.

When spaced well they create a nice border along the walkway that directs light on the path offering greater visibility for anyone using the walkway. This can be especially important during the winter when the days are short but people are still out shopping or leaving work when it is dark outside.

Both commercial and residential bollard lights can be used to accent and highlight landscaped areas. Adding this type of landscape lighting can reveal your landscaped areas after the sun has set. In many cases bollard landscape lighting can be used to accent landscaping and illuminate a path and/or entryway at the same time.

Light bollards can also be used to create a barrier between a pedestrian area and a parking lot or other area. In this case the outdoor post lights can light a walkway while also serving as a firm protective barrier or a way to define separate spaces.

Commercial Bollard Lights

Commercial Bollard Lights

A commercial bollard light can be used to illuminate a company sign or other important signage, or it can be custom made to show the company logo in the light it projects either on a wall of the building or the entryway. This distinct usage can leave a lasting impression on those who visit making the company logo more memorable.

For commercial areas that are near residential areas commercial bollard lighting is a good choice as most bollard lights and low post lights offer light for pathways and the immediate vicinity but they don’t create too much light pollution that will affect the night sky or even disturb neighbor’s sleep. This can help in maintaining a good relationship between nearby residents and businesses.

What To Look For In Commercial Bollard Lights

Commercial lighting needs to be both durable and functional so it is important to look for certain features in these types of outdoor lights.

  • These lights should be strong and sturdy. Look for bollard lights made of solid materials and a strong housing. Then have them professionally installed.
  • These lights will need to be durable as they will be exposed to a lot of wear and tear both from the weather and possibly people. They need to be weather resistant so they should be made from materials that won’t corrode in the elements. They should also be tamper proof and have an impact resistant lens to help prevent damage from theft or vandalism.
  • Commercial lighting also needs to provide enough light in the right places. Make sure the lights provide the right angle and level of illumination you need for them to be effective.

Commercial lighting usually requires a larger scale, meaning more lights. To help cut costs but maintain performance look for LED bollard lights. LED lamps are more energy efficient and they offer plenty of light plus the bulbs rarely need to be changed in them. To save even more on your energy bill and to be environmentally conscious you may want to consider solar bollard lights as they don’t cost anything to use once they are installed.

Whether choosing the more commonly seen round bollard lights or the less common square bollard lights these commercial bollard lights provide a great way to illuminate walkways and landscaped areas outside of any business or commercial area.