Bollard Landscape Lighting

Good use of bollard landscape lighting can help highlight landscaped areas in your yard while also adding a varied source of lighting outside. As outdoor lighting becomes more popular we are seeing new, more attractive versions of bollard lights instead of just the traditional simple post light style. If you haven’t looked at them lately, you may want to take a look at all the new styles available.

How to Use Bollard Landscape Lighting

When you think of bollard lights you may first think of commercial bollard lights as they are most often used to light pathways and landscaped spaces in public areas like businesses or parks. But bollard lighting, especially some of the new styles available, can also be used quite attractively in residential areas as well.

If you have a long driveway or a larger property with walkways bollard lights may be a good choice. Traditionally bollard lighting is used to separate pedestrian and non-pedestrian areas so they work well as path lights or along a long driveway.

If you don’t have a large property or you simply want smaller lights you can find some very attractive small bollard lights also called mini or compact bollard lights. In some cases you can find a style in various sizes so you can blend them together to keep a cohesive look and style in your yard.

Bollard Landscape Light

Bollard Landscape Light

Bollard landscape lights, or post lights, can work really well either at the beginning of the driveway, one on either side, or by your entryway. They can help add definition while providing additional light to highlight a landscaped area and also provide greater visibility at night. You can even plan and add the landscaping and light together to accent each other.

Bollard landscape lighting is also commonly used to separate different landscaped areas of the yard. They can be used by stairs to provide additional light or in areas where the landscape changes and there are terraced levels. Often times compact bollard lights work well for terraced landscape lighting.

Shopping for Bollard Landscape Lights

Before you start shopping for bollard landscaping lights it is important to determine what exactly you want from the lighting. Outdoor lighting enhances the look of your yard at night, provides security and increased visibility at night. Prioritize what you want but make sure you choose a bollard lighting style that fits the look and style of your home and yard for the best affect.

It is also important to understand a little bit about the installation of bollard lights as you may need to hire someone to install them. Most of them need to be secured in the ground, even removable bollard lights, and the type of wiring will vary based on the type of light you choose.

High voltage lights will require the help from an electrician as they will need a separate electrical circuit. Low voltage, like LED bollard lights, can be wired to home’s electrical circuit and are easier to install. Solar bollard lights don’t need to be wired as they will collect, store and use the solar energy provided by the sun during the day.

When thoughtfully planned and installed bollard landscape lighting can greatly improve the look and feel of your yard at night.